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Welcome to Wallace and Gromit Unleashed!

Created: 22nd of September 2004

Re-started: 31st of July 2005

Last Updated: 25th July 2006

Closing Note: 17th January 2008

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W&G Unleashed: Closing Note

As you will see, there have been no updates for over a year now. I had completely forgotten about the site until I was emailed by a fellow Aardman fan requesting I added a link on here to her site.

I have taken a look at her Shaun the Sheep site and think it is great stuff! I wish that my website(s) had been as good as that when I was managing them!

Below are the links you need to the best Shaun the Sheep site I have ever seen! IF THEY DO NOT WORK, WHICH I DONT THINK THEY WILL, PLEASE, PLEASE SEARCH FOR THE SITE BY TYPING IN THE ADDRESS:


For now, Wallace and Gromit Unleashed is firmly on hold. I simply do not have the time to update the site but will keep hold of the URL as one day I might just come back to it...keep checking!

Thank you for everyone who has visited the site from its creation over 3 years ago!

Creator of www.wallaceandgromit.20m.com and www.funzone.20m.com

<a href="http://www.shaun-sheep.com" mce_href="http://www.shaun-sheep.com"><img src="http://www.shaun-sheep.com/images/fan.jpg" mce_src="http://www.shaun-sheep.com/images/fan.jpg" alt="Shaun the Sheep"></a>

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